A good-aligned sentient long sword who was with the party through most of the Tomb of Horrors.


Justice is an old, old artifact quality weapon, changing shape and form to better suit his wielder. It has displayed limited abilities to find traps and secret doors, which Justice claims has helped it (with the aid of former Paladin wielders) root out thieves in their dens. In the hands of a cleric or paladin, Justice seems to gain more power, and openly goes out of it’s way to be wielded by, and protect these classes.


Justice is an extremely old weapon, and doesn’t remember much of when it was created, or by whom. All Justice knows is that it is a good aligned sentient sword with one singular purpose: To destroy all that is evil. Brazen, and lacking any tact, it will openly use it’s ability to communicate audibly and telepathically to make it’s presence well known to any evil aligned characters which may be traveling in the party. Threats to end their lives while they slept were very common. Often time those wielding Justice had to control it’s penchant towards the indiscriminate murder of all evil, during those times when a more delicate touch is all that was needed.

Justice was last seen shouting obscenities while falling after two other ill-fated former party members (one was a cleric) fell into the mist filled void which surrounded the towers of the City that Sleeps, deep within the Tomb of Horrors.


Episode II: The Quest for Ivan HalLoco