Grunther Montoya


None too bright, but plenty tough.

Grunther is truly a hulk of a man, standing just under seven feet in height. Even though his balding pate and haggard features indicate that he must be long past his prime, his arms still obviously flex with great power. His left arm formerly ended at his forearm; he lost it in his original foray into the Tomb of Horrors with his former adventuring party the “Band of the Hand”. He wears dark leather studded with iron, and carries a large ax (“Elsie”) strapped to his back.


Grunther is a simple minded fellow, and doesn’t understand too much beyond fighting. While dumber than a dead rock, he is an extremely competent fighter and a good-natured, loyal companion without a selfish or greedy bone in his body.

The party originally ran into him a long time ago while investigating leads towards the Tomb of Horrors. Grunther was paying his respects at the grave of his dead friend and former adventuring party leader, Falon, from his old party the “Band of the Hand”. Grunther eventually made that connection (it was a miracle!) that the party was tracking down the Tomb, and insisted that they take him along so that he could avenge Falon’s death.

In the Tomb, Grunthers fighting prowess was critical to the party, and his ability to defuse disputes within the party (“Stop fighting with the nice lady.”) was very well received. Unfortunately he met his end in the Tomb, and the party escaped with the aid of Ivan “The Mighty”.

During one of the party’s travels, they saw a vision of Grunther’s spirit fighting demons in the abyss. Even more recently when they met Ivan “The Mighty”‘s construct, Mark I, Mark I revealed that somehow, Ivan had transported Grunthers body to his Mechanus Lab while the party was in the Tomb! Even more surprising, they discovered through Mark I, that Ivan is somehow using Grunthers body and soul for some other personal agenda, and Mark I is tasked with working with the party to reunite Grunther’s body & soul together again.

Only problem is… Grunther’s soul is in the 113th layer of the Abyss… and that layer is ruled by Kiaransalee.

Grunther Montoya

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